It's time to start a little talk about the health care system in Canada, its pros and cons, the methods of treatment, the technical equipment and amusing features. Today - drug in Canada.

How to sell the drug in Canada?
By the method of acquiring medicines are divided into prescription drugs and over the counter drugs (over the counter, that is, without a prescription). The vast majority of pills and potions you sell only on prescription.

And because in Canada on the shelves of pharmacies not see a wide variety. In the free market - drugs for colds, diarrhea, insomnia, etc., as well as a favorite "healing" means local doctors - a great variety of painkillers.

Received the coveted recipe from a Canadian doctor, we anxiously go to the pharmacy and booking the right medicine. It is important to remember - prescription drugs are metered and are packed directly in the pharmacy of large bulk cans and buckets. So please be patient and waiting times.
The usual answer is a pharmacist here: "Come for your drugs after 20-30 minutes." However, if the packaging of the currently accepted recipes lined up, the waiting time may be delayed up to a half hour ceremony. Pharmacies are usually located in stores like Superstore, Lawtons or Shoppers Drugmart - so you can wander among the shelves in anticipation of the drug.

How much are the drugs in Canada?
Healthcare in Canada is free. But all the medical that is not covered by insurance gosudarstvennnogo - very expensive. Tablets - is no exception. Writing out a prescription, your doctor will ask you about the presence of drug plan - private medical insurance to cover the cost of drugs.

If such insurance is not, then any disease "will hit the pocket." Each tablet could cost $ 2-3 apiece and monthly course "3 times a day before meals" can cost up to $ 270, for example.
Plus, do not forget that for the above-mentioned packaging of pharmacy also takes a coin, a lump sum payment for services, $ 10-15.

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