Canada? Why Canada?
In America a very expensive medicine and all drugs are considerably more expensive than their counterparts in Canada. To purchase drugs in America Americans need a prescription from your doctor.
Interestingly, in order to legitimately purchase in Canada online pharmacy prescription drug American prescription required certified canadian doctor. As legally buying made in Canada, the implementation rules of the medicines prescribed by the FDA, it will not operate. Therefore, both parties have no legal means to stop such transactions.

The way back

Earlier, before the development of online pharmacies, the Americans simply crossed the border with Canada, coming out with a more affordable drugs. I do not know why the medicine in the USA is so expensive, I think they themselves this coffin.
Several of my classmates are often on long trips in the United States and Canada. Here are a few facts to the topic of the difference between two neighboring states.

Healthcare in Canada is available to all. In the United States one-third of people without insurance, if not more. Perhaps you understand what insurance in the United States and what is it for? As in the United States and in Canada the people for several hours sitting in the waiting room with fractures and injuries. What is the reason?

According to a survey commissioned by The Wall Street Journal in 2014, more than 80% of Americans believe that the importation of drugs from Canada must be legal, but only for those drugs that have been approved and verified by Health Canada. The survey also found that more than one out of ten Americans buy prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies.

There are three ways to get prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies. Firstly, in fact, go to a pharmacy in Canada and buy medicine without a prescription. Secondly, the dates you order products through a delivery service by mail. The third way, and that is becoming more popular as a way to buy it online at.

Cheaper drugs from Canada

Prices of prescription drugs in the United States are among the highest in the world. People who require regular treatment, find that they can not afford medicines they need.
Cheaper drugs from Canada, respectively, it is something that more and more people resort to their treatment in the United States. The savings can be quite high - they save up to 80% of the price of a prescription drug.

Government regulation

Pharmaceutical companies in the United States relentlessly opposed not only to price controls for prescription drugs, but also on the importation of cheaper drugs from other countries. Their motivation is not determined by greed, and increased investments needed to finance research, discovery and creation of new and more effective drugs. Accordingly, no income from prescription drugs, a new study can not be financed.
Canadian drugs are cheaper because prices for these prescription drugs are fixed. This does not mean that drugs are inferior in quality of medicines produced in the United States. In fact, the pricing of the Canadian drugs are regulated by Health Canada.

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